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Xiosis Scribe 2011 is a next generation word processor where development of your ideas into content comes
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4 April 2011

Editor's review

This is a word processing software.

Xiosis Scribe helps with word processing. Word processing has become almost synonymous with the MS Word. Thus, if you have used that program you are likely to be confused a little. Keep an open mind, and you will find the interface fairly easy to use even though it is organized entirely differently. In fact, I liked it quite a bit, particularly the fact that you do not have to switch to anything else to do research. You can access the usual sources from within the application. Other integration that helps is the OCR capability. If you needed to use something that exists in printed form on paper, you can get the OCR done and have the document in electronic form. Other unique part of the tool is the separation of content and the layout. You can create the content in free form and then focus on the layout. The interface makes only the relevant controls available to you, as you switch tabs from content to layout, research and file management.

It also integrates text to speech; that should be useful in many situations. You can save frequently used words and phrases and reuse them easily. Type assist that helps type ahead and auto complete is very useful. The tool also provides for translation in 54 different languages as well as transliteration in some 34 languages. The content created can be directly submitted to blogs (HTML formatted), it even helps with text analysis with third party tools and analyses your writing style and semantics. This will take some time to get used to, but I am sure when you do, you will find it to be a useful tool.

Publisher's description

Xiosis Scribe 2011 is a next generation word processor where development of your ideas into content comes first and software features takes an non intrusive backseat to providing you the right tools at the right time.
Scribe features
* Simple uncluttered screens
* Easy separation of content from formatting making it easier to focus on writing
* OCR to quickly convert your printed matter into computer files
* Spell checking
* Type assist tools which learns your typing style and can provide automatic word and phrase completion.
* Inline translation into 54 languages
* Inline transliteration into 34 languages
* Text to speech
* Research tools to help you create high quality documents
* Free form layout to help you design beautiful and easy to read documents
* Direct submit to blogs
Scribe features a break away from the common word processing method and successfully provides you with a platform to quickly convert your ideas into high quality and beautiful documents.
Xiosis Scribe
Xiosis Scribe
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